Chiropractor in St. Augustine

Movement is critical to life and even a sprained ankle can be devastating to someone who is normally active. When injury or immobility problems occur, it is paramount to get care that is well rounded, up- to -date and most supportive of the body’s healing process. As a wholistic healthcare practitioner trained in Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Nutrition, I can offer you that care.

It is great that therapies like muscle relaxants, cortisone injections, pain pills and surgical procedures are available. I have suffered injuries, I understand. It is important though to be aware of the trade-offs involved when decisions are made to use those therapies, and even more importantly to know that there are other options available.

Just as there are constant advances in what we term conventional medicine there are also constant advances in what we term wholistic medicine. Hard-core spine cracking adjustments, which at one time were the gold standard of chiropractic, may not be the best choice for many patients. As a result, a number of other chiropractic techniques have developed and are available to you.

New research has found that certain exercises and stretches, instead of being beneficial, may actually be causing micro tears to the supporting tissues. Similarly, research coming out of Europe and Canada, is reporting that some of the staple nutrients for joint health, (such as glucosamine sulfate etc.) are not without flaws and better choices are available.

As your holistic healthcare provider of choice, this is the type of care I give you, cutting edge, innovative, safe and well-rounded. Centrally located in St. Augustine to conveniently serve the St. Augustine, Del Ray and Highland Beach communities, I look forward to helping you.