To lose weight you could need more carbs.

Look for foods high in amylose when choosing the carbohydrates/starches you eat. Amylose is a glucose molecule with a tight molecular structure. It stays in tact as it passes through the digestive tract. It doesn’t enter the bloodstream and churns out a colon critical substance called butyrate.

The term you will start seeing to describe these types of food are Resistant Starches. They can help you feel fuller longer because they are slow to metabolize. They can regulate your hunger hormones and diminish your appetite. They can stabilize blood sugar levels since resistant starch doesn’t turn into glucose.

Some resistant starches you can try include pumpernickel bread, long grain white rice, (must eat when cool and not hot to get the benefit of a resistant starch), potatoes (also must be eaten cold) bananas on the green side, green peas, lentils, white beans and chickpeas.

So feel good about adding cold potato salad to those upcoming summer barbeque.

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