by Dr. Patricia Rupert.

6 Things you can do today to lose weight

Make one change at a time. If it holds for 72 hours, then go to the next.

1. When you eat do nothing else but eat. No TV. No computer. No reading. No driving.

2. Drink green tea with lemon. It helps your metabolism work more efficiently.

3. Your first hunger pangs are actually your body’s cry for water. Answer it with an 8oz. glass of spring water. Answer that cry three times with an 8oz. glass water each time. Still hungry? OK, then eat.

4. MOVE. Build more movement into your schedule. Your body’s craving for movement often gets translated into a cry for food.

5. Change your rules about eating. Put fat back into your diet and reduce the carbohydrate intake to 90gms. per day. Be patient with yourself as you adapt these new lifestyle changes. Remember, your body doesn’t want to be overweight. But it can take time for your body to accept these lifestyle changes.

6. Stop all alcoholic beverages, at least during this weight loss period. Your body metabolizes alcohol first before it attacks the extra fat that you want to lose and that is especially true of the infamous “belly” fat.